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Nike Hypervenom

  • Nike Hypervenom Phantom Neymar 'Ousadia Alegria' Black/White Boots Leaked

    Nike today launched the unique neymar black and white Boots. Inspired by Neymar's Ousadia e Alegria motto, the low-cut Nike Hypervenom Phinish Neymar signature soccer boots boast a stunning design in black, white and red.


    Neymar will start wearing his first cheap Nike Hypervenom 2 signature cleats from today, probably in a camouflaged Mercurial variant.

    Nike Hypervenom Phantom Neymar 'Ousadia Alegria' Black/White Boots
    This is the striking Nike Hypervenom II Neymar 2016 signature football boots.


    Based on the regular Nike Hypervenom Phantom Neymar soccer cleats, unveiled in May 2015, the new Nike Hypervenom Phinish Ousadia e Alegria 2016 boots introduce a stunning design inspired by Neymar Junior's motto Ousadia e Alegria ('courage and joy').

    Neymar and his good friend Thiaguinho, a Brazilian singer, came up with the motto in 2011 to describe the former's unique way of playing: the joy of having the ball and the courage of his attacking dribblings. The motto found its way onto Neymar's boots via custom stitching, while it also became the title of Thiaguinho's 2012 album, which had a feature with neymar new boots.

    What do you think of the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom II black/white Ousadia Alegria boots? Drop us a line below.

  • Nike Hypervenom Phantom Transform – Heat Activated Upper!

    Nike are on the verge of moving to the second generation Hypervenom series, but they not leaving the current version without offering fans something just that little bit extra special. This final, limited edition installment is labelled the Hypervenom Phantom Transform and it features a heat activated upper! Being that these are a limited edition release, expect to see them come and go very quickly. Initially released in the UK, numbers are already close to sold out.


    The cool thing about these is how they appear to be a blackout boot at first. That is how they will look should you snag a pair, with the upper holding a more traditional looking shade of color. But, as you play and the game gets faster, a burnt layer of red glow starts to force its way onto the upper. The more you play with intensity, the clearer the effect comes through!


    Get Cheap Nike Hypervenom Transform SE 2015 Cleat Black/Orange Right Here for Free Shipping!!!

  • Compare Nike Hypervenom 2 - Nike Hypervenom Phantom II vs Phinish vs Phatal II DF vs Phelon II vs Phade II

    Released two weeks ago, the all-new Nike Hypervenom II Boots are still making the headlines, as Neymar is ready to give the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 a run-out in the UEFA Champions League final this Saturday.
    We are almost ready to move on, but first we want to give you the most in-depth comparison possible of all six versions that are available of the second generation of the Nike Hypervenom.


    With the Nike Hypervenom II, Nike introduces the Dynamic Fit collar, known from the Mercurial Superfly and Magista Obra boots, to the Hypervenom, bringing with it improved fit as well as the iconic look of the higher collar.

    Additionally, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II, available for 275 USD (275 Euro, 230 GBP), got a new textured NikeSkin upper with added Flywire strings in the midfoot part of the boot for increased stability and lockdown.

    A new entry in the Nike Hypervenom family, the new Nike Hypervenom Phinish Boot is maybe the rightful heir to the first-generation Nike Hypervenom Cleats. The Nike Hypervenom Phinish comes with a traditional sockliner, as well as a textured NikeSkin upper with ACC and Flywire technologies for improved control under all conditions and a better lockdown of the feet.

    The soleplate of the Hypervenom Phinish is identical to that of the first-generation Hypervenom in terms of construction and stud alignment, making it a safe choice for fans of the first generation.

    Available for 130 USD (110 Euro, 110 GBP), the Nike Hypervenom Phatal II is the first alternative to the Hypervenom Phinish. The Hypervenom Phatal II Boots come without NikeSkin or ACC, but still include Flywire strings in the midfoot area. A thicker upper material, called Mirage, is used for the Nike Hypervenom Phatal II Football Boots.


    Nike also revealed the all-new Nike Hypervenom Phatal II DF (Dynamic Fit) Boots, the first-ever Nike boots to include a Dynamic Fit collar for less than 200 USD. Other than the higher collar, the Nike Hypervenom Phatal II DF Cleat is technologically identical to the regular Nike Hypervenom Phatal II.

    The Nike Hypervenom Phelon II Boot retails,while including the split-toe agility soleplate of the more high-end Nike Hypervenom Cleats, it does feature the thicker Trophy synthetic upper and does not include Flywire tech.

    Nike Hypervenom Phade II Boot is the cheapest model of the Nike Hypervenom 2 Cleat line. The Hypervenom Phade II Boots come without most of the features of the editions leaning towards the higher end of the scale and is the only Nike Hypervenom 2 version that comes without the iconic split-toe sole plate.

  • Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Unboxing – Wolf Grey Pack

    With help from Rory from Futbol Masterio we unboxed and took a first look at the brand new second generation Nike Hypervenom Phantom by Nike Football. The second generation Silver Storm Nike Hypervenom Phantom follows the first generation which was originally launched back in May 2013 and is headlined by Neymar, Robert Lewandowski and Wayne Rooney. The launch colourway is part of the new Wolf Grey Pack by Nike and features a grey primary colour and additional orange and black trim. A unique orange and black geometric design runs from the base of the upper to the sole as well as on the sockliner for a supremely modern look. An orange and black Swoosh logo are featured on the upper. Like the Grey Nike Magista Obra and Grey Nike Mercurial Superfly the Phantom II uses a super thin NikeSkin layer on top of the FlyKnit material for a comfortable and lightweight fit and feel. Additional FlyWire cables and the Dynamic Fit collar of Nike silver storm magista  lock down your foot in place while the ACC coating is again used for a consistent touch in wet and dry conditions. A grippy criss cross scattered texture provides extra friction between the boot and ball for more control. The sole uses the same split-toe design seen on the first generation. More to come on the new nike Hypervenom Phantom II by Nike thanks for watching and as always we’ll see you next time.

  • Nike Hypervenom 1 vs Hypervenom 2 Football Shoes

    We compare the totally new Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 Boots vs first-gen Hypervenom. While Nike claims that "every component of the original Hypervenom evolved into something better for Hypervenom II", we are putting both boots side by side and compare the upper, the sole plate and the price.

    “Players loved the original Hypervenom, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do even better. We’re not afraid to make as many changes as the boot needs to be the best. The kind of players who wear Hypervenom would expect nothing less.” – Max Blau, VP of Nike Football Footwear

    Revealed on May 21, the next-gen Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2015-2016 Cleats were debuted this weekend with a bold Wolf Grey / Orange launch colorway. While players such as Rooney and Kane opted for the low-cut Nike Hypervenom Phinish Cleats, most Nike athletes sported the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 Boots.


    Move the slider to compare the Nike Hypervenom 1 and Hypervenom 2.
    The most obvious difference between the two generations is that the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 Boots feature the revolutionary Dynamic Fit collar, also known as high-top boot design. Made for better lockdown, the Dynamic Fit collar is designed to offer enhanced comfort and a sock-like fit.

    Even though the Dynamic Fit collar is reported to cause distractions for some players, it offers an iconic look and the sense of wearing a revolutionary product. Players like Robert Lewandoswki and Paul Pogba prefer the Dynamic Fit collar, while Wayne Rooney and Harry Kane opted for the low-cut design (Nike Hypervenom Phinish).

    So it's a matter of a taste whether you prefer the Dynamic Fit collar or the traditional low-cut design, while there seems to be no fundamental advantage of the included sock.
    The Nikeskin upper of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 Cleats features Flywire for better lock-down. Flywire is the first of many enhancements developed throughout the design process of the upper.

    The Flywire is integrated in the new mesh upper of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 Boots, which is designed to amplify touch, equipped with ACC and Nikeskin. But only time and extensive testing will tell if the upper of the Nike Hypervenom 2 Boots outperforms the NikeSkin honeycomb upper of the first-gen Nike Hypervenom.

    The sole plate of the first and second generation of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom Boots are almost identical, designed for agility on Firm Ground surfaces with conical studs. For added comfort, Nike uses a softer compound for the sole plate than the original Hypervenom for additional comfort, while Nike also added a stunning graphic to make a bold statement on the pitch.
    The next-gen Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 Boots will retail at 275 USD (275 Euro, 230 GBP), while the first-generation Nike Hypervenom Phantom Boots are now available for less than 200 USD (200 Euro, 160 GBP).
    If you are looking for a replacement for the Nike Hypervenom Phantom I, Nike also offers the low-cut Nike Hypervenom Phinish. The cutting-edge Nike Hypervenom 2 Phinish Cleats offer the same technologies as the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 Boots without a Dynamic Fit collar, and retail at a recommend retail price of 200 USD (200 Euro, 160 GBP).

    When it comes to choosing the Nike Hypervenom 2 or the Nike Hypervenom 1 it comes down to personal preferences. If you prefer the Dynamic Fit collar, there is no alternative to the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 Boots. If you are looking for a lower-priced Nike Hypervenom Boot with all the latest technologies, we would recommend the Nike Hypervenom Phinish.

    Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2, Nike Hypervenom Phinish 2 or Nike Hypervenom Phantom 1? What's your choice?

  • Nike Hypervenom Phinish Boots Released

    Set to be worn by Wayne Rooney and Harry Kane, the new Nike Hypervenom Phinish 2015 Soccer Cleats introduce Flywire to the Hypervenom, combined with a super soft NikeSkin upper and Nike's All Conditions Control technology.
    In fact, the new Nike Hypervenom Phinish Boot is the actucal successor of the first-gen Nike Hypervenom Phantom Boot.


    This is the new Nike Hypervenom II Phinish 2015 Football Shoe.
    The next-gen Nike Hypervenom 2 Phinish 2015 Boot is the successor of the first generation Nike Hypervenom Phantom Cleat. Whereas the second-generation of the Nike Hypervenom 2015 Soccer Boot introduced the cutting-edge Dynamic Fit collar (Nike Hypervenom Phantom II), the new Nike Hypervenom Phinish Boot comes with a traditional low-cut ankle design.
    For the grey Nike Hypervenom 2 Phinish Boot Colorway, Nike added a striking orange graphic pattern on the upper creating a fresh look. The Swoosh on the upper is orange with a black border, while the Swoosh on the heel area is black.

    Nike's new Hypervenom Phinish Soccer Boot features a super soft one-piece, tongue-less NikeSkin upper with Flywire threads for more stability. The upper of the new Nike Hypervenom Phinish Cleat will offer a suede-like touch, combined with ACC (All Conditions Control) technology for better ball control in all weather conditions.
    The outsole of the new Nike Hypervenom Phinish 2015 Boot is orange with a similar stud configuration as the first generation. The conical studs of the Nike Hypervenom Phinish Cleat are made for more agility on firm grounds.

    Nike will also release an orange Nike Hypervenom Phinish Cleat as well as a green Nike Hypervenom Phinish Boot paint job. See all upcoming Nike 2015-2016 Boots in our Boot Calendar.

    The new Nike Hypervenom Phinish 2015 Football Boots have be available at Soccercleatskicks.com.

  • Grey Nike Hypervenom II 2015 Boots Released

    Deceptive by nature. Introducing the new Nike Hypervenom 2 Boots. The new Grey / Orange / Black Nike Hypervenom Phantom II 2015 Football Boots boast a totally new design. The Nike Hypervenom 2 feature Nike's trademark Dynamic Fit collar and a super soft NikeSkin upper material.
    The new Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Cleats were launched on May 21 and are set to be debuted in the 2015 UEFA Champions League Final.


    This is the new grey Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 2015 Soccer Boot.
    The Wolf Grey Nike Hypervenom II 2015 Boot boasts a striking orange graphic pattern on the heel area to stand out on the pitch, which was also used for the last ever colorway of the first generation Nike Hypervenom Soccer Cleats.

    Contrary to Nike's other football boots with Dynamic Fit collars, the Nike Magista Obra and Nike Mercurial Superfly, the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 does not have a complete Flyknit upper. The knitted material is instead only used for the upper back part including the high collar of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Cleats.
    Nike's synthetic NikeSkin material is used for the main part of the new Nike Hypervenom 2 Football Boot, which also features Flywire strings in the midfoot area for increased stability. A remarkable and unique stitching pattern in the touch area was designed for the new Nike Hypervenom 2 Soccer Boots to offer improved ball control.
    Nike uses conical studs for better rotational agility, similar to the first generation Nike Hypervenom sole plate. The Nike Hypervenom Phantom II sole plate boasts a striking orange / black graphic pattern to stand out on the pitch.
    Nike also revealed a low-cut version of the grey next-gen Nike Hypervenom Soccer Cleats with ACC (All Conditions Control), which is called Nike Hypervenom Phinish and set to be worn by Wayne Rooney. Additionally, Nike will also release a second-tier Nike Hypervenom II cleat model with a Dynamic Fit collar, the Nike Hypervenom Phatal 2 DF Boot (Dynamic Fit). The lower-priced Nike Hypervenom II Cleat features a synthetic upper without Nike's ACC (All Conditions Control) technology and NikeSkin.
    The grey / orange Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 Cleats are part of the Nike Wolf Pack Boots Collection, which will be launched officially in late May ahead of the Champions League final and Copa America. See all upcoming colorways of the Nike Hypervenom 2 Boots and many more leaked cleats in our Boot Calendar.

  • Nike Hypervenom Transform Q&A Football SHoes-How Does the Color Change Work?

    It's the first ever football boot that changes colors. The Nike Hypervenom Phantom Transform SE Soccer Cleats feature a heat-activated upper that reveals a bright orange pattern as the boot is worn. But how does the effect work?

    Max Blau, VP Nike football footwear, explains the science behind the first-ever color changing football boot.


    Where did the idea for a heat-activated upper come from?
    It’s super cool. We bumped into the material while we were researching another project. We started playing around with this crazy effect and someone in the team suggested we put it on a boot.

    Will players see the New Nike Hypervenom Transform Q&A boot change colour during games?
    Absolutely, especially in areas where you have more contact and friction with the ball. When you kick and receive it, the boots will transform like they’re alive.
    Can you explain the science of how it works?
    It’s a chemical reaction. The material is thermal activated and changes aesthetically with an increase in temperature. It’s like a two layer material that interchanges when the top layer heats up and allows the bottom layer to show up. It wasn’t developed especially for this, we just found it and we felt we had to use it.

    Can you create this effect with any colors?
    You can create all kinds of effects, with all kinds of colors. It works best with dark top colour. When you play Nike Hypervenom Transform Q&A boots goes crazy and changes colour and then when you put it back in your bag it goes back to it’s original form. It’s like the boot participates in the game.
    Rather than just reveal a colour, can it reveal a different design?
    We wanted to keep it very subtle, but we did was add a graphic element (a swoosh) to give the transformation texture and bring it to life. This boot is a lot of fun.

    Thanks to FFT Performance for the Nike Hypervenom Phantom Transform Boots Q&A. Would you like to see more football boots with a heat-activated upper?

  • Nike drop new Black-Out Reflective Hypervenom Phantom


    As part of Nike’s new Academy Black-Out Pack, the American brand have launched a brand new and classic colourway for their first generation Blackout Nike Hypervenom Phantom.
    For those of you out there wanting a classic black boot here is one to consider as the new colourway for the Hypervenom is completely blacked out Nike Hpervenom to give fans out there a decent colour option this Spring/Summer. The new Nike Hypervenom Phantom Black is all black and features touches of reflective technology on the Swoosh logos and branding for a modern touch.
    Looking stealth as ever, the new colourway for the Nike Hypervenom Phantom is supremely similar to the Black-Out Nike Hypervenom launched over a year ago.

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