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New "Meteor Shower" Adidas X 15.1 Boots 2015-2016 Released

Adidas is a company that loves the spotlight, being the center of attention, and they certainly like to make things dramatically interesting. Case in point the X15 Meteor Shower
, a boot developed to be the ultimate weapon for the game’s most dangerous players. In order to take this fresh release to market they had to shake things up and retire some of their most influential boot silos, shocking a few million fans in the process. What a gamble to take; one that has a serious make or break feel about it.


Meteor Shower/Solar Green/Black Adidas X 15.1-- There is nothing better than slipping your feet into a new pair of boots without socks on and experiencing a super soft, loving touch feel. That is what you get with the X15, as they immediately set about hugging your feet. From the beautifully lined heel, which features some sort of memory foam material, to the Techfit collar and its ultra snug fit, there is a sense of reliability about these boots right from the beginning.

Adidas has taken the “snug” approach with the Adidas X15, insuring that they fit tight right around the foot. Width wise, they are a fully functional medium width, with a little extra stretch to get them into the wider fit category. Compared to the Ace15, they fit slightly narrower. And the same is true in length, where the X15 almost fits a half inch too short. Your toes will be right up against the front of the boot – something I’d attribute to the heel being a little extra padded.

Adidas X 15.1 Meteor Shower Solar Green Black now is available for purchase on soccercleatskicks.com.--Checkout here for Free Shipping!!!


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