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Hyper Grape Nike Magista Obra 2016-2017 Boots

With the nike magista 2015 you can now orchestrate your attacks, with extreme control! The boot is part of the new FootballX collection, which isn’t about playing by the rules. With a new and revolutionising concept, Nike give you the very best chance of owning street court bragging rights around the world! The name FootballX refers to the total amount of players in a "Five-a-side" game and with the new MagistaX you will get the very best touch, which provides you with devastating creativity.


The Hyper Grape Nike Magista Obra is a price friendly alternative, where you get the premium design at a sharper price point.

The cheap nike magista football boots is designed with a smooth and flexible upper made from synthetic leather with a micro texturered surface, which ensures added friction and grip on the ball, on all crucial areas of the shoe. On the front, an extra layer of rubber has been added to improve durability.


The traditional tongue has asymmetrical lacing, that follows the shape of the foot, which allows for an anatomic and tight fit for increased comfort. Also, this asymmetrical design allows for a larger striking surface giving you a bitter strike on the ball.

The MagistaX Pro is designed with a soft foam midsole that provides good shock absorption.

Indoor shoe with a non-marking sole for polished indoor surfaces.

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