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Blue 2016 adidas Ace 16.2 Football Shoes Leaked

What’s a problem in adidas is a good thing for football boots community, which is always interested in cleats news. What's planned, what changes will be made to existing lines of boots and are there any new ones on the horizon - these are the things that you are interested in the most. You should be really satisfied with the topic of second adidas Ace generation. Here we go back to that boot in a cheaper adidas ace 16.2 version with a new colorway.
If our articles order is the same as German brand's launch calendar than after two really dark ones (with yellow or green stripes) comes another one that will be hard to miss on the pitch and in addition a must-have for all Chelsea fans. Too bad that we don’t have them of the highest model or at least the completely new Primemesh version.
It sounds crazy but that’s not the last thing that we have to show you when it comes to adidas ace 16.2  football boots range. Remember to visit TEPY.PL tomorrow for another dose of cleat news!

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