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Blackout Adidas X 16+ Purechaos 2016-17 Darkspace Pack Boots

The black Adidas X 16+ Purechaos 2016-17 football boots form part of the Three Stripes' Darkspace pack now available from soccercleatskicks.com .

In line with the rest of the pack, the Darkspace Adidas X 16+ PureChaos 2016-2017 soccer boots are black on the outside.


The sole plate, entirely black, features a reflective coating, and the insole comes with the lettering PureChaos in Solar Red.

In terms of tech, the black Adidas X 16+ PureChaos soccer boots boast a lace-cover construction to offer a larger, cleaner striking surface and feature an external heel counter for more speed and traction. Other features, including the sole plate shape and material as well as the upper are identical to the X 16.1 variant.


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