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Monthly Archives: October 2015

  • Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 324K Gold Released

    Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 324K Gold Boots Feature New 'Celebration' Logo

    The stunning Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 324K Gold boots just got even cooler. Upon closer inspection of several training and match photos of Cristiano Ronaldo wearing the custom cleats, we noticed a neat little feature that wasn't featured on Nike's release pictures.



    Close-up of the new Cristiano Ronaldo logo present on the 324K Gold Mercurial Superfly Cleats.

    Unveiled last week to honor Cristiano Ronaldo becoming Real Madrid's all-time top goalscorer and set to be launched as a limited-edition release in January, the Cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 324K Gold are the first Cristiano Ronaldo boots to feature the new 'celebration' logo. Nike previously utilized a similar design, based on Ronaldo's free kick pose, in in the release campaign of the 2014 Nike Mercurial Superfly IV, headlined by Ronaldo, though.

    The new Cristiano Ronaldo logo shows his signature celebration pose and his only present on the left shoe, with the right one displaying the well-known CR7 logo 2015 branding. Bearing resemblance to the iconic Jumpman logo of the Jordan brand, the new Cristiano Ronaldo signature logo is a nice addition for this new entry to the ever-growing collection of Cristiano Ronaldo signature soccer boots.

    Do you like the new Quality Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 324K Gold boots? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Nike Mercurial Superfly IV AG-R - Squadron Blue/Black/Volt

    The Cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly shoe line has been about two things since its debut in 1998 – speed and the best player in the world. The Mercurial Superfly FG carries on that tradition with the lightest Mercurial yet that will be worn by Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo in Brazil and beyond. Get yours now at soccerloco and get huge savings.

    2015-2016-Nike-Mercurial-Superfly-IV-AG-R - Squadron-Blue-Black-Volt

    This Squadron Blue Nike Mercurial Superfly shoe is the ultimate in performance and innovation, made with Nike’s revolutionary Flyknit material. The three-knit weave enhances a player’s touch by reducing the material between the foot and the ball. The shoe’s high-top Dynamic Fit Collar locks the foot into the shoe and provides impeccable touch by eliminating the area where the shoe meets the ankle so that all of your shots and passes are on target.

    2015-Nike-Mercurial-Superfly-IV-AG-R - Squadron-Blue-Black-Volt

    The shoe’s Brio cables are knitted directly into the upper and locked into the outside sole of the shoe, acting like a slingshot that propels a player forward from the heel. The outsole is made of a flexible, full-length carbon plate, while added studs at soccercleatskicks.com the shoe’s heel produces better stability and traction. Shop now for the Nike Mercurial Superfly at  so you can wear the revolutionary shoe that Cristiano Ronaldo will wear at the Cup in Brazil.

    What do you think of the new Nike Mercurial Superfly IV AG-R - Squadron BlueBlackVolt boots? Leave your comments below.

  • Nike Magista Opus FG Refective Academy Pack Black Volt

    The new Blackout Nike Magista Opus 2015 Boot was released in December 2014. While the Nike Magista Opus is the second-best version of the Nike Magista Boot, Nike also released a white Nike Magista Obra 2015 Football Boot featuring the revolutionary Flyknit upper and the iconic Dynamic Fit collar.

    The Refective Academy Pack/Black/Volt Nike Magista Boot is part of the Nike 2015 Shine Through Pack.

    Refective Academy Pack Black Volt Nike Magista Opus FG Boots
    This is the blackout new white Magista Opus 2014-2015 Football Shoe.


    Made for the creative player, the new 2015 Nike Magista Cleat Colorway is mainly Academy Pack Black Volt and black outsole. The inner sole of the new blackout Nike Magista Opus Soccer Cleat is mainly black.

    The black upper of the new Nike Magista Opus combines performance mesh, Kangalite and Nikeskin with All Conditions Control (ACC) for ball feel in all weather conditions.


    The black outsole features conical studs for rotational agility. The black Nike Magista Opus Boot will be available as FG (Firm Ground) and SG (Soft Ground) version.

    Check out all Nike 2015-2016  Football Boots Releases. The new Refective Academy Pack Black Volt Nike Magista Boot now is available at soccercleatskicks.com.

  • Wolf GreyTurquoise Blue-Black-Black Nike Magista Opus Leaked

    The Nike Magista Opus FG Football Boots are a good option for any serious soccer player, because they will help to enhance different areas of your game like never before. Another aspect of the Nike Magista Opus FG Black Yellow White football boots that sends it flying above the competition is its lightweight nylon chassis that is super responsive and comfortably supportive to the player’s every whim. These are some of the most unique shoes out there. So why not get ones from sportskicksus. It has a textu upper, so you are sure to get a good touch and smooth direct contact with the ball. With good breathability comes better stretching ability.


    The conical studs of the Nylon outsole are designed for rotational agility on Firm Ground Surfaces. Football Shoes Nike athletes such as Mario Götze, David Luiz, Joe Hart and Thiago Silva will begin wearing the new Wolf Grey Nike Magista Opus FG 201516 Cleat Colorway from the start of the 201516 season in August 2015. You need to have good touch and control in order to be a good soccer player. Any shoe you get that comes from a top tier maker is going to offer you all the basics in order to help you perform at a high level. These are special. Don’t allow these problems to hinder you. This is the soccer player who is contrarian and heshe wants everyone to know it as soon as they look at them.
    The new Wolf GreyTurquoise Blue-Black-Black Nike Magista Opus 2015 Football Boots draw inspiration from the bold color scheme of Nike Football. Not only is the technology there, but the look is pretty good to. Getting in the right mindset is all about you being able to envision what you're going to be able to do on the soccer field. To help you have the best control and comfort, the outsole of this cheap Nike Magista Boots has a traction pattern to maintain 360 degree rotation. Some might say the Magista just isn't for them.

    When you purchase something from Nike you can be sure that you're going to be getting something that's going to last, will look good on your feet, and will help you to be a better overall soccer player. Players just weren't happy with the results they got from wearing them. Similar to the Reflective Nike Magista Opus FG Football Boots, the thin layer of leather is stitched onto the Flyknit upper. Nike will also launch Kleather editions of the Nike Hypervenom 2, Nike Mercurial Superfly, Nike Mercurial Vapor and Nike Magista Opus. Your feet need to be able to take a pounding in order to stay in the game.

    Nike Magista Opus FG Wolf GreyTurquoise Blue-Black-Black now is available at soccercleatskicks.com.

  • New Nike MagistaX Proximo TF Boots Released

    The new Nike MagistaX Proximo features a super soft and flexible FlyKnit upper which has been reinforced with several layers on the upper for a super comfortable, protective and durable feel and fit. The FlyKnit is featured on the Dynamic Fit Collar and spans over the entire upper. The same honeycomb layer is used for additional friction between the boot and the ball. Overall you can’t really complain with this upper, the additional layers on top of the FlyKnit make the boot feel strong yet lightweight.

    cheap-Nike-MagistaX-Proximo-TF-String-Green -Metallic-Gold-Black

    Boasting a new Lunarlon midsole the comfort in these Nike MagistaX Proximo silos is world class. Spanning the entire sole comfort under your feet is exceptional. In terms of traction you won’t go wrong with this sole. An additional ridged seam is seen on the medial side of the boot for additional friction while on the edge of the sole and upper is an added abrasion panel for extra durability in that region making it great for toe pokes.

    2016-Nike-MagistaX-Proximo-TF-String-Green -Metallic-Gold-Black

    The Dynamic Fit collar of the new cheap Nike MagistaX Proximo fits over your ankle for a seamless fit that locks your foot in place. The tongue-less Flyknit upper with Flywire cables seamlessly integrates areas of high breathability, stretch and support. The one-piece upper features aggressive 3-D textured Flyknit for closer ball feel and enhanced touch. Soft, premium leather adds a natural feel. The non-marking indoor/court (IC) outsole provides superior traction when playing indoors or on the street. Ultralight Lunarlon cushioning adds responsive shock absorption.

    String Green Metallic Gold Black Nike MagistaX Proximo TF Boots now is available at soccercleatskicks.com.

  • Red Nike Magista X Proximo Released

    The new red Nike Magista X Proximo IC (Indoor Court) Indoor and Street Football Shoe features a white non-rubber outsole, while the Nike Magista X Proximo TF (Turf) Boot features a Lunarlon rubber outsole for turf.


    Nike will not release a Chilling Red Nike Magista Obra Cleat Colorway for 11-a side football, even though we would have loved to see a Chilling Red Nike Magista Obra Football Boot. The Chilling Red Nike Magista Boot is an exclusive release for small-sided soccer, set to retail at a price of 150 USD (150 Euro, 125 GBP).


    Chilling Red and White. The new red Nike MagistaX Proximo Indoor Soccer Boot is could become an all-time favorite Nike Magista paint job.

    What do you think of the new Cheap Chilling red Nike Magista X Proximo Boot? Drop us a line below.


  • Nike Mercurial Superfly IV CR7 Lava FG Football Shoes Black White Red

    The NIke Mercurial Superfly CR7 Lava leverages the unique shimmer effect that initially debuted in black last October. The new colorway is inspired by the silver trophies elite players like Ronaldo pursue this time of year. The shimmering silver accompanies an obsidian Dynamic Fit collar and an orange pop of color on the Swoosh and the CR7 logo.


    Nobody shines on the pitch quite like c. The same can be said of his new Mercurial Superfly CR7 Lava boots.

    Given the “drought spell” that Ronaldo is going through at the moment, he will probably be pretty excited to get his feet out of the Highlight Superfly and into something with a little more shimmer. Sometimes a change can be the difference between real good and worldly good!

    In terms of the Nike Superfly IV and performance, they are built specifically for speed. With a dynamic mid-cut collar that locks down the player in sprint mode, a micro-textured Nike Flyknit upper that provides a barefoot-like feel, and a highly responsive carbon-fiber plate designed to further provide explosive speed in all directions, this is about as advanced as we have ever seen a boot go.

    Find the Cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly IV CR7 Lava FG Football Shoes Black White Red available at soccercleatskicks.com.

  • New Design Puma evoSPEED 1.4 SL FG Leaked

    Puma are no stranger to the shock-and-awe release strategy, where they release incredible boot designs that make demand a double take. Take in point their latest release to market, the incredible 3.5oz evoSPEED 1.4 SL. Yes, you read that correct – 3.5oz.

    Last week, they dropped a pretty cool presentation case at our door, with a pair of the Red Lava release colorway inside. Loving it!


    But, since we have had the opportunity to test the Camo version of the boot out, we figured this would be the perfect opportunity for a GIVEAWAY to let someone else take the extreme speed shoe to pitch. Or just have a cool presentation case that no one else will have to show off to their mates.

    What do you think of the new Puma evoSPEED 1.4 SL FG Lava Blast White Total Eclipse Boots? Leave your comments below.

  • Nike Mercurial Superfly Leather FG Multicolor Leaked

    A year and a half ago we were introduced to the first knitted football boot and ever since Nike and adidas have been in locked in a duel, as they looked to create the ultimate knitted design. There have been constantly evolving variations of both the Nike Flyknit and adidas Primeknit, but what makes the two materials unique? We take you through the two innovations here.


    The two designs were both designed for the same purpose, which was to give players all across Nike Mercurial Football Boots  the globe the ultimate fit. Getting that barefoot feeling in your boots, but still having the necessary stability was the ambition for Nike and adidas. If your boots fit your foot perfectly and provide the ultimate comfort then you will unquestionably feel better and as a result play far better.

    On the technical front the two knitted uppers actually share many similarities now, but this has only developed as time has gone by. Initially the two brands had two quite different ways of reaching their goal. That being said the first boots did manage to obtain the same levels of comfort that ended up gaining adoration from many and made the two materials famous. The X15 and Ace15 Primeknit boots and the Primeknit 2.0 are Cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly FG probably the best example of the evolution of the boots, because of the way adidas have incorporated the Primeknit material in a quite different way than the first incarnations of the material. The soft Primeknit material sits closely to the foot, but has hardly any contact with the ball, as adidas have coated the material with a silicone layer. This makes the boots far more durable and ready for action on the pitch, which can’t really be said for the first Primeknit boots that were more collectables.


    Having the silicone outer layer for increased protection of the otherwise vulnerable knitted material is something Nike used on their Flyknit from the very start, when they released their Magista Obra and Mercurial Superfly. The fused materials also allows both brands to shape their uppers and as a result give improved grip and friction on the ball, this is another trait that the Nike and adidas boots share. There is really no saying which technology is the best of the two, because it all comes down to personal preference. One thing is however certain, this is not the end of the knit wars and both Nike and adidas are looking to evolve their materials even further.

    Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Concept Multicolor is available at soccercleatskicks.com.

  • 2015-2016 White/Prime Blue/Black Adidas Messi 15.1 Boots

    The second colorway of the new Adidas Messi 15 boots, the new White / Prime Blue / Black Adidas Messi 15.1 Boots, are revealed and set to debut on June 6 in the Champions League Final. New  Adidas Messi 15.1 White Boots were inspired by the colors of Argentina team, white, prime blue and black.

    Here is the new white Adidas Messi 2015-2016 Boots, available starting August 2015


    What do you think of White/PrimeBlue/Black Adidas Messi 15 FG Boots? Leave your comments below.

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